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FMSB: Conduct & Culture Management Information

by Starling Insights


Jul 25, 2023

The Financial Markets Standards Board (FMSB) has published "Conduct & Culture MI: Boundaries of Current Practice," a spotlight review of current practices surrounding culture and conduct management information in the financial industry.

The 2023 Compendium is available now!

Now in its 6th year, Starling's Compendium features over 40 contributors from across the industry as well as detailed analysis of the latest trends in culture & conduct risk supervision.

2022 CONCLUSION | Enigma Machines

by Starling Insights


May 15, 2022

“We have to defend ourselves as a country against a growing threat from state actors,” said Richard Moore, “within an international system which is not working as it should do to constrain conflict and aggression.” Chief — or “C” — of Britain’s storied Secret Intelligence Service, better known as MI6, Moore was giving his first public speech, in November last year, to address “an era of dramatic change in the security landscape,” and to emphasize the importance ...cont