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Are Some Major Companies "Diversity-Washing?"

by Starling Insights


Feb 01, 2023

A recent study of nearly all US public companies from 2008 to 2021 found that corporate leaders who espouse the virtues of diversity may benefit from greater investment in their firms, even without actually improving diversity, equity, and inclusion internally — terming this 'diversity-washing.'

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Measuring Culture and Conduct risk

by Tom Reader


May 16, 2021

Organizational culture theory proposes that behavior within an institution—for example collaboration, speaking- up, misconduct, or risk- taking—arises from the values prioritized by employees and managers. By developing shared norms around the practices that are encouraged (e.g., teamwork) and discouraged (e.g., risk-taking) within an institution, culture acts as a form of “social control” that defines what is important and how people should behave ... (cont)