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Nero-Moments: How Collapse of Social Trust Leads to State Breakdown

by Peter Turchin


Jun 11, 2024

Public trust in the US federal government has plummeted this decline threatens social stability, as mutual trust and cooperation are crucial for societal cohesion. Historical examples, like Nero's fall, illustrate how the collapse of support networks can lead to state disintegration. Understanding the sociological and psychological factors behind such collapses is essential for predicting and preventing similar outcomes today.

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‘Wicked Problems’ & ‘Infinite Games’

by John Seely Brown, Ann Pendleton-Jullian


May 17, 2021

What makes wicked problems wicked is that they are not ‘solvable’ in the traditional sense of the term. They do not yield to simple linear solutions, nor even to multifaceted solutions. A wicked problem is one for which each attempt to create a solution changes the nature and understanding of the problem itself, such that the definition of the problem evolves as new possible solutions are considered and/or trialed. ... (cont)