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Various tools, assessments, and approaches to measuring behavioral and cultural factors in an organization.

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Gallup on Transforming Organizational Culture

by Starling Insights


Jan 09, 2023

In a recent article entitled "What Is Organizational Culture? And Why Does It Matter?," Gallup discusses its "functional approach" to culture. Therein, Gallup argues that there is no "good" or "bad" culture, as it is an emergent phenomenon unique to each organization.

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Regulating a Cultural Shift in Audit

by Sarah Rapson


May 15, 2022

An individual audit is, in effect, a snapshot. Once taken, it is frozen in time. Yet the audit profession is in the early stages of significant and essential change, as it moves towards a culture-based approach. The Financial Reporting Council’s regulatory approach is also adapting to take an assertive supervision and improvement approach to culture, using our ‘four faces’ framework, and this will continue to evolve as our knowledge and maturity increase. ... (cont)