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The culture/conduct dialogue increasingly converges with the discourse around Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) priorities. Particularly related to Governance.

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How General Counsel Became the Corporate Conscience

by Starling Insights


Oct 11, 2022

The rise of ‘stakeholder capitalism’ means companies face pressure from all sides— regulators, legislators, investors, employees, and consumers — to carry out business with integrity and transparency. Staff attorneys can, therefore, no longer simply provide counsel on a company’s compliance with the law. As such, general counsel are increasingly taking on responsibility for firms’ ESG policies, leading work in areas such as climate change, human rights, and diversity and inclusion.

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The ESG Dilemma: The Many Meanings of ‘Structure’ in Machine-Readable Regulation

by Bob Wardrop


May 15, 2022

Technology has the potential to deliver better regulation and compliance outcomes. To unlock this, regulators and firms need to converge around a consensus structure for representing both the relevant rules and firms’ internal data.