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“Trustworthy AI”: Let’s End the Useless Shouting Match between Utopians & Luddites

by Amy Edmondson, Stephen Scott, Karen Cook, Tom Malone


May 15, 2022

AI is being adopted more and more broadly, for a range of business use cases, triggering much discussion and debate around attendant risks and opportunities. A thoughtful discussion of any transformative technology is, of course, wholly desirable. But the current dialog has become a useless shouting-match between Utopians and Luddites. We’d like to reframe the discussion ... (cont)

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The Stewardship Mandate

by Siew Kai Choy


May 04, 2020

“Better Business” was one of the main themes of Davos 2020 this past January, amidst calls for a new kind of capitalism entailing a better balance between government, markets, and civil society. Business leaders resolved to better serve the interests of those identified in the 1973 Davos Manifesto: customers and clients, workers and employees, shareholders, societies, and other stakeholders. ... cont