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Pricing Non-Financial Risk

So long as the costs associated with non-financial risk are recognized retroactively, they can be waived off as a "cost of doing business". However, as firms adopt cultural and behavioral metrics to price non-financial risk proactively expectations will shift to forecasting and mitigating them, to the benefit of investors, insurers, regulators, and other stakeholders.

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Pricing Non-Financial Risk
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Updating Risk-Based Capital Requirements

by Starling Insights


Jul 27, 2023

In a speech at the Bipartisan Policy Center earlier this month, Michael Barr, Vice Chair for Supervision at the US Federal Reserve Board, discussed the Fed's recent holistic review of capital for large banks, and how he is looking to reform supervision in the wake of recent bank failures.

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Presentation on Starling's Top Takeaways to the 2022 Compendium

by Stephen Scott


Sep 13, 2022

Earlier this month, Starling Founder & CEO Stephen Scott was invited to present at the "Online Course on Evaluation of Culture and Conduct Risk, which was hosted by the South East Asian Central Banks (SEACEN) Research and Training Centre and the Deutsche Bundesbank. ... cont