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Public-Private Partnership

If we aim for a new means by which to govern and supervise culture and conduct risks, a dialogue must be convened that brings regulators, firms, technologists, academic experts, and other stakeholders together in public-private partnership. Current events should make the need for such collective action amply evident.

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Public-Private Partnership
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The SupTech Imperative

by Cecilia Skingsley


Jun 11, 2024

Innovation in SupTech, or technology applied to banking supervision, is essential to safeguard our financial system. At the Bank for International Settlements Innovation Hub, our view is that all of us — central banks, supervisors, regulators and the private sector — have a role to play in ensuring that digital-enabled markets are complemented by digital enabled oversight.

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by Starling Insights


Jun 07, 2023

Banking sector regulators have made efforts to engage with startups and to foster technology developments of potential value to the industry, and its overseers, through things like innovation “sandboxes” and multi-lateral coordinating bodies such as the Global Financial Innovation Network, which has served largely as a cross-border information-sharing vehicle thus far.