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Public-Private Partnership

If we aim for a new means by which to govern and supervise culture and conduct risks, a dialogue must be convened that brings regulators, firms, technologists, academic experts, and other stakeholders together in public-private partnership. Current events should make the need for such collective action amply evident.

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Public-Private Partnership
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An Interview with Randal Quarles

by Randal Quarles


Jun 07, 2023

As the founder and chairman of an asset management firm, and a serial investor in a variety of financial companies, I’m keenly aware that the most important aspect of a high-performing firm is its culture, and that building and maintaining a strong culture focused on making a fair long-term profit is probably the single most important task of a financial firm’s leadership.

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Establishing a Regtech Ecosystem

by Starling Insights


Oct 10, 2022

In a recent paper discussing the adoption of regtech and suptech solutions, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) advocated for an ecosystemic approach engaging all stakeholders: regulators, regulated entities, technologists, academics, and more.