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Tone from the Top

Many observers will look to the 'Tone from the Top" of an organization to assess culture. However it is also the "Echo from the Bottom" that is equally important.

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How Organisational Culture Can Remedy Operational and Governance Challenges

by Sally Dewar


Jun 07, 2023

When the global financial crisis took hold in 2008 leaving a reputationally and financially bereft banking sector in its wake and a flood of negative commentary, political opinion, public outrage and years of recovery ahead, the blame pointed in many directions.

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Transforming culture in financial services

by Starling Insights


Mar 06, 2020

The FCA has provided an excellent contribution to the global discussion regarding the role of corporate purpose.  In a collection of essays from organizations as diverse as BlackRock, the London Business, School, and the Banking Standards Board, the FCA’s Discussion Paper, Transforming Culture in Financial Services, delivers an engaging account of some of the latest thinking on the subject.