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Managing Culture & Conduct for Good Governance

Culture is consistently seen as culprit amidst continuing risk governance failures among firms, as well as in troubling lapses on the part of the auditors and regulators relied upon to assure market integrity. Culture is thus considered to be a critical governance priority – for private and public entities equally – and particularly so in the financial sector.

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Managing Culture & Conduct for Good Governance
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Banks Scanning for Reputational Risks

by Starling Insights


Aug 16, 2023

Banks increasingly focus on horizon scanning and scrutinizing their clients and commercial partners' cultures to mitigate reputational risks. This comes in the wake of several banks severing ties with disgraced hedge fund manager Crispin Odey and former politician Nigel Farage, largely due to concerns about their reputations.

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Deeper Dive — UK Parliamentary Commission on Banking Standards: A Global 10-Year Look-Back

by Stephen Scott, Starling Insights, Clare Bolingford, Mirea Raaijmakers, Stuart Mackintosh, Ted MacDonald, Peter Routledge


Jul 17, 2023

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