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Setting the right organizational culture is critical to optimizing performance and mitigating operational risks - and that's before recent shifts to hybrid work options, gig working, and other trends setting the stage for β€œThe Future of Work.”

Too often, we learn of problems only after some failure that leads to brand impairment, punitive fines, customer remediation costs, shareholder lawsuits, lost revenues, depressed share value, and - increasingly β€” individual liability exposure.

How might leaders assess and manage such risks proactively - before damage is done - so as to assure their boards, supervisors and other stakeholders that past lapses won't be revisited? 

In recent years, firms, supervisors and technologists have launched innovative efforts to assess nonfinancial risk governance, making it measurable and manageable, and moving from systems that work to detect and correct mishaps to a real-time capability to predict and prevent them.

In 2018 Starling launched its annual Compendium, a report on evolving approaches to the governance and supervision of culture and conduct related risks in the financial sector.

Featuring dozens of contributed items from leading figures worldwide, the report has become a premier global platform across which the industry addresses itself on these risk governance themes.

The report features dozens of contributed items from leading figures worldwide:

  • Pioneering senior industry executives and board members
  • Regulators, supervisors, central bankers, and policymakers
  • International standard setting bodies and industry associations
  • Renowned academic figures and legal scholars
  • And more...

With the exponential growth of our community of contributors and readers, we've decided to expand our peer exchange platform beyond the annual Compendium dialogue to offer Starling Insights, a membership-based global platform to capture and share thought leadership from across the industry. 

Welcome to Starling Insights

  • Stay abreast of latest trends and management innovations in culture and conduct
  • Engage with a global community of experts
  • Follow cutting-edge research of academics and industry practitioners alike as they expand the boundary of what is possible

Starling Insights is a membership-based global community, bringing together leading institutions and individuals from:

  • industry
  • regulators & supervisors
  • central bankers, policy makers & standard-setting bodies
  • industry associations
  • universities & research institutes
  • legal and governance experts and other industry stakeholders

Starling Insights Offers


Search hundreds of articles from past Compendia and other Starling features


Save favorite content, offer comments, and share with colleagues


Engage with members through events and collaboration tools (Coming Soon)


Podcast and video features highlighting global leaders and path breakers


Explore content by topic, region, contributor, and more


Discounts and preferred registration for Starling events to include our annual Symposium

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Join Starling Insights to become part of a community of global leaders working to develop new solutions to the challenge of managing nonfinancial risk.

And, coming soon, Starling Insights will also play host to an annual Conference series β€” the Starling Symposium - which will feature remote and in-person events organized by and for the Starling Insights community.

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