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Starling on Managing Culture Risks with AI

Starling on Managing Culture Risks with AI

by Starling Insights

Starling Insights Editorial Board


In a recent interview with the Taiwan Banker, Starling co-Founder and COO, Erich Hoefer, and Director of Research, Cameron Lawrence, discussed the current regulatory focus on non-financial risks — including those stemming from culture and conduct.

"Seeking to manage employee conduct risk without addressing culture is unlikely to achieve desired outcomes," they said. However, many firms turn exclusively to strengthening controls, adding processes, and adopting stricter surveillance to manage these risks.

These approaches ignore the lessons taught to us by behavioral science — that people are strongly influenced by social cues received from their peers, and the behavioral norms seen to be at work among them. "These informal influences — collectively, a firm's culture — can and do overwhelm formal management structures," they explained.

Many firms continue to address these key management challenges through surveys and interviews— tools that are subjective, expensive, and static. While these tools are of some use, managing culture and conduct risk effectively — and proactively — requires a marriage of behavioral science and data analytics.

"Starling's predictive behavioral analytics platform delivers culture and governance metrics in real-time, spanning the entire enterprise," Hoefer and Lawrence said. “Furthermore, we do this without relying on surveys or other intrusive interventions by analyzing the standard internal datasets a firm already collects.”

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