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There is a difference between mis-conduct and poor-conduct. But when it comes to evidencing an ability to avoid both, firms are subject to ever closer scrutiny.

Culture and conduct governance failures have resulted in career-ending share price impairment, reputational and brand damage, and a broad range of other financial and non-financial costs that have afflicted organizations as diverse as Activision, Rio Tinto, the UK’s Metropolitan Police, the Big Four accountancies, and Credit Suisse, among several other financial institutions.

Featuring a preamble from Dr. Tom Reader of the London School of Economics and Political Science, this first edition in our Deeper Dive series, covers:

  • Failures to manage culture & conduct risks successfully
  • Trends in regulation and ongoing actions
  • How firms can master avoidable losses

Does ‘tone from the top’ drive culture and conduct? Are misconduct fines accepted as a ‘cost of doing business’ and priced-in by the market?

The Deeper Dive series is an exclusive benefit to Members of Starling Insights.  With this, our introductory issue, The Costs of Misconduct is also being made available, for a limited time, to individuals at the complimentary Observer level. After this promotional period, Observers will be able to purchase the report or join as a Member to enjoy full access to Starling Insights.

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