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Culture & Conduct Supervision

Regulators are focusing on how culture & conduct risk can be operationalized and how financial institutions can audit their risk and evidence their successes.

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Culture & Conduct Supervision
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Cultures of Trustworthiness: The Role of the Regulator

by Henry Farrell


Jun 11, 2024

Regulators focus on formal, quantifiable aspects rather than informal, qualitative ones. Trust and trustworthiness are essential for effective regulation, beyond mere rules. Regulators should enhance cultures of trustworthiness within organizations and consider the broader public trust. This requires balancing formal rules with fostering a culture that supports and exceeds compliance.

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2024 Update | European Union

by Starling Insights


Jun 11, 2024

In a June 2023 speech, Andrea Enria, then Chair of the Supervisory Board of the ECB, emphasized the importance of supervision over regulation and called for a culture that empowers swift action against deficiencies. This perspective was supported by Frank Elderson, who cited failures in risk governance as key to crises like the collapse of SVB. Both officials advocate for a focus on effective management bodies and risk culture within the ECB's supervisory framework​​.