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Normalization of Deviance

A term popularized by Diane Vaughan to describe the tendency for cultural norms to deviate or drift from correct or proper behavior and to then become normalized in an organizational culture.

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Normalization of Deviance
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Cultures of Trustworthiness: The Role of the Regulator

by Henry Farrell


Jun 11, 2024

Regulators focus on formal, quantifiable aspects rather than informal, qualitative ones. Trust and trustworthiness are essential for effective regulation, beyond mere rules. Regulators should enhance cultures of trustworthiness within organizations and consider the broader public trust. This requires balancing formal rules with fostering a culture that supports and exceeds compliance.

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Citigroup Faces Continued Regulatory Pressure on Risk Management

by Starling Insights


Sep 20, 2022

U.S. Federal Reserve officials are frustrated with Citigroup's pace of progress in the two years since they reprimanded the bank for issues with its risk management systems. In a meeting with the bank's board over the summer, regulators warned that there could be repercussions for its perceived lack of progress in making the much-needed improvements. The bank is due to release its plan for ameliorating these concerns this month.