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The Era of Accountability

As customers, employees, and regulators are looking to hold company boards and officers personally liable for damaging misconduct in the wake of risk governance failures, industry supervisors face heightened scrutiny from injured consumers, loss-suffering investors, and irate legislators and voters in a new era of accountability.

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The Era of Accountability
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Boeing's Continued Speak-Up Problems

by Starling Insights


Mar 28, 2024

As reported by the Financial Times, a recent report commissioned by the US Federal Aviation Administration revealed an ongoing reluctance among Boeing employees to report safety concerns, even after recent incidents such as a door panel blowing out mid-flight in January.

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Deeper Dive: "Physician, Heal Thyself"

by Starling Insights, Wayne Byres, Michelle W. Bowman, Charles Randell


Feb 14, 2024

Starling Insights is excited to announce the release of “Physician, Heal Thyself,” the fifth in its Deeper Dive series of reports. This report is free to download for those registering for an “Observer” account with Starling Insights.

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