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Network Structure, Culture & the Division of Labor

by Emily Erikson


Jun 11, 2024

The division of labor is key to economic growth and productivity. Balancing centralized and decentralized control is vital. Research shows a blend of both fosters innovation, growth, and productivity. Organizational culture and social networks play crucial roles. Effective teams require complementary skills and coordination. Understanding network structures and fostering the right culture can enhance team performance and cooperation.

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Superminds & Supervision

by Tom Malone


May 04, 2020

When asked by the media why anyone would risk their career by engaging in the misconduct chronicled at Wells Fargo, former CEO John Stumpf voiced a frustration that is common in C-suites and boardrooms among many firms, and in most industries, worldwide: “I don’t know how to explain human behavior." That inability cost Mr. Stumpf his job, tens of millions of dollars in punitive fines, cries of derision from the public and Congress... (cont)