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The Complexity of Regulation: The Eggshell Paradox

by Stephen Scott, Scott Page


Jun 07, 2023

Financial system regulation occurs within a multi-dimensional, multi-player, multi-level, complex adaptive system. Effective regulation of such systems requires “many model thinking,” through which regulators apply multiple, diverse frameworks to identify firm and system level risks.

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What Happens Next?

by Gary Cohn, Thomas J. Curry, Rick Ketchum


May 17, 2021

I think that the ‘new normal’ is going to remain pretty fluid, at least in the short-term. I mean, it’s not yet clear what the ‘new normal’ will ultimately need to be. For instance, the once unthinkable notion of a highly regulated institution having its people work remotely or from home is now known to be possible. It may not be ideal, in all instances, but it seems pretty clear that some jobs will become permanently remote in nature... (cont)