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Understanding behavior, how it spreads, and identifying behavioral proclivities that anticipate outcomes

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Does Diversity Training Work? We Don’t Know — And Here Is Why

by Starling Insights


Jan 11, 2023

In a Washington Post article last month, Starling Advisor Betsy Levy Paluck, a professor of psychology and public and international affairs at Princeton, calls for collective action to determine which diversity training methods are efficacious, if any.

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Culture & Conduct Risk in Banking: Achieving a Better Standard of Care

by Stephen Scott, Tom Reader


May 15, 2022

Behavioral risk management in banking is most typically an exercise in applied hindsight: we investigate misconduct only after it is discovered to have taken place, and then revise rules and procedures to aim at known past problems, rather than targeting potential future troubles. This ‘detect & correct’ mindset has resulted in of billions of dollars in punitive fines across the industry worldwide over the last decade. Estimates put the figure at some $700 billion ... (cont)