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Peter Turchin: Why Societies Collapse

by Starling Insights


Oct 05, 2023

Earlier this year, author Peter Turchin published End Times, in which he lays out his ideas on how societies collapse and how this can be predicted through a study of historical cycles of unrest. Referring to himself as a "collapsologist,” Turchin identifies recurring trends that lead to societal and civil instability. His work draws on vast datasets in which he spies a common pattern: "an alternation of integrative and disintegrative phases lasting for roughly a century.”

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Unlocking Diversity’s Promise: Psychological Safety, Trust and Inclusion

by Amy Edmondson


May 17, 2021

Diversity is valuable—but it is inclusion that really drives performance. Psychologically safe workplaces enable and harness the benefits of mutual trust among staff to create a meaningful sense of belonging, and this is the key to unlocking the benefits of diversity. Investors, exchanges, regulators and policy-makers have pushed diversity to the top of the agenda for corporate board directors and executive leadership teams, and a spate of recent activism suggests ... cont