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Computational Social Science

Using computational methods to model, simulate, and analyze social phenomena.

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Computational Social Science
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2023 Starling Bookshelf

by Starling Insights


Jun 07, 2023

We speak a fair bit on the topics herein, at events where the organizers and audience are interested in learning how behavioral science, organizational network analytics, and machine-learning techniques are coming together in the context of culture and conduct risk governance and supervision. Nearly always someone asks, “What can I read to learn more about this stuff?”

The 2023 Compendium is available now!

Now in its 6th year, Starling's Compendium features over 40 contributors from across the industry as well as detailed analysis of the latest trends in culture & conduct risk supervision.

Trust Matters

by Karen Cook


Mar 26, 2019

As Bank of England Chief Economist Andy Haldane1 observes, “Finance is built on trust. It is based on promises about tomorrow, often paper promises backed by nothing other than words on a page. When trust in those promises breaks down, so too does the financial system.” Kenneth Arrow, the Nobel Prize-winning economist, was among the first to acknowledge the significance of trust in our day-to-day transactions. ... cont