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Norges Launches Psych Safety Research

by Starling Insights


Aug 30, 2023

ICYMI: In June, Norges Bank Investment Management (NBIM) — Norway's sovereign wealth fund — launched a research project into the significance of psychological safety and resilience among investment employees in partnership with Professor Martin Carlsson-Wall, Director of the Center for Sports and Business at Stockholm School of Economics, and Harvard Business School Professor Amy Edmondson.

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Preamble to the 2023 Compendium

by Michael J. Hsu


Jun 07, 2023

Large banks provide invaluable support to the economy through lending and banking services offered to households and businesses across the country. Twenty years ago, the five largest U.S. banks had roughly $3 trillion in combined total assets. Today, the five largest have more than $12trillion and are more complex than ever. There are limits to a large organization’s manageability.