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Punitive fines, litigation settlements, customer remediation, and other costs flowing from non-financial risk management failures are often waived off as “costs of doing business.” But many are now prioritizing the development of reliable metrics that would offer disclosable leading indicators of these financial risks so that they may be addressed proactively.

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Firms Prioritizing ROI over DEI

by Starling Insights


Feb 22, 2024

In an article published in the Financial Times last month, journalist Rana Foroohar looks at how US businesses are reshaping their efforts to improve diversity amid heightened political pressure.

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UK's FRC Proposes Auditors Publish Audit Quality Indicators

by Starling Insights


Jul 07, 2022

The Financial Reporting Council (FRC) recently proposed that audit firms publish performance indicators in an effort to raise standards in the wake of a spate of scandals in the industry.