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Mark Cooke

Mark Cooke joined HSBC in 2014 as Group Head of Operational Risk. In that role, Mark led a team of risk officers across the firm’s global footprint, overseeing non-financial risks such as compliance breaches and staff misconduct, before taking a sabbatical in 2020. Earlier, Mark held senior leadership roles at Barclays and UBS in risk, finance and operations. Today he is Chairman of ORX, the financial services industry association for Operational Risk Management.

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Mark Cooke
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Culture & Conduct Risk: Singapore Sets the Pace for Peers

by Stephen Scott, Mark Cooke


Jun 05, 2021

Financial sector regulators are placing increased emphasis on company culture and the conduct risks and consumer harm that it may promote. Among global peers, Singapore is setting the pace for effective governance of such risks, say Starling’s Stephen Scott and Mark Cooke.

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