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Various tools, assessments, and approaches to measuring behavioral and cultural factors in an organization.

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What’s the Culture Like?

by Neil Esho


Jun 11, 2024

When you ask someone what the culture of an organisation is like, you typically get a fairly short and clear message: “the place really promotes excellence”; “the CEO dominates the place”; “the institution is focused on its mission and really delivers”; “they always push the envelope on risk-taking”; “it’s a (not) great place to work, the staff are (not) really valued”. 

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EY Oceania Staff Report Culture Problems

by Starling Insights


Aug 02, 2023

A landmark external review of EY Oceania has revealed serious workplace issues, including overwork, bullying, harassment, and a lack of safety and inclusion for women and minority groups. The review, led by former Australian Sex Discrimination Commissioner Elizabeth Broderick, was conducted in response to concerns about the firm's culture following the tragic suicide of an employee and involved a survey of over 4000 employees.