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Tone from the Top

Many observers will look to the 'Tone from the Top" of an organization to assess culture. However it is also the "Echo from the Bottom" that is equally important.

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Building Culture from the Middle Out

by Starling Insights


Mar 29, 2024

In an article published in the MIT Sloan Management Review last month, Spencer Harrison (Insead) and Kristie Rogers (Marquette) explain how organizations can build culture from the "middle out," emphasizing the importance of middle managers for "enriching" corporate culture.

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The Coronavirus Crisis is Increasing the Risk of Bank Fraud. Here’s How Banks Can Play Defense

by Stephen Scott, Mark Cooke, Gary Cohn


Jul 07, 2020

Banks have enjoyed something of an unlooked-for reprieve during the COVID-19 crisis. Over the last decade, the industry was subject to increased regulatory scrutiny and public scorn triggered by misconduct scandals. During the coronavirus shutdown, however, banks have been critical partners to policymakers struggling to prevent a full-blown depression. Amidst such efforts, regulatory supervision has been partly suspended, to allow the industry to focus on the provision of economic relief.