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Toxic Culture

Failure in maintaining an effective workplace culture can allow toxic sub-cultures to emerge and even dominate an organization.

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Toxic Culture
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Bullying, Sexual Harassment Widespread at Chevron

by Starling Insights


Dec 01, 2022

An inquiry into Chevron Australia’s workplace culture has revealed that almost half of its employees have been bullied at work, and close to a third have been sexually harassed. According to a report based on that inquiry, some 25% of Chevron’s 570 employees and contractors had reported the bullying, and 10% had reported instances of sexual harassment.

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Lessons Learned from the Archegos Default: How Banks Can Better Identify Risk and Prevent Losses

by Brad Karp


May 15, 2022

By all measures, the week of March 22, 2021, began as a hopeful week on Wall Street—the third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic had largely subsided, workers were returning to the office, and financial markets were at all-time highs. By the end of the week, however, the decline of just a few media and technology stocks, precipitating the default of a single hedge fund, led to losses of epic proportions across multiple prime brokers ... (cont)