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Accountability vs Speak Up

Regulators have embraced senior manager accountability, to ensure clear consequences when executives neglect risk governance. At the same time, they encourage psychological safety to promote ‘speak-up’ behavior within firms. So long as these are in balance, they mutually reinforce each other. However, when accountability regimes become more about public shaming, the dampening effect that it has on speak-up culture may well exceed any potential benefit.

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Accountability vs Speak Up
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An Interview with Nicolai Tangen & Carine Smith Ihenacho

by Carine Smith Ihenacho, Nicolai Tangen


Jun 11, 2024

Nicolai Tangen emphasizes the impact of lifelong learning, specifically his studies in social psychology, on his leadership at Norges Bank Investment Management (NBIM). This informed is approach to risk governance, emphasizing psychological safety, transparency, and a no-blame culture to foster open communication and improve organizational performance.

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