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Social Concerns as Business Concerns

Past distinctions between ‘society’ and ‘the market’ are blurred in ways that present new challenges. Customers, employees, and investors raise an increasingly loud voice, insisting that firms and their leaders take concrete steps towards alleviating social tensions and imbalances – both those predating and those exacerbated throughout the Covid-pandemic.

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Social Concerns as Business Concerns
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Wells Fargo Faces Diversity Hiring Probe

by Starling Insights


Nov 08, 2022

The US Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) are investigating Wells Fargo’s diversity hiring practices after an explosive article from The New York Times alleged that the bank held fake interviews with “diverse” candidates.

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Value in Culture

by David Rouch


May 15, 2022

With war in Ukraine rocking the business world, attending to bank culture might seem like fiddling while Rome burns. Yet a firm’s culture is essentially a form of institutional behavioural memory applied to the present. It represents the accumulated collective wisdom of those within the firm, or lack of it, about how to navigate reality successfully. The calamitous reality now pressing itself on firms therefore underscores the continued importance of sound culture ... (cont)