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Speaking Up & Speaking Out

Regulators are prioritizing firm cultures marked by psychological safety, with a view to creating conditions that promote ‘speak up’ behaviors among staff who witness questionable acts and decision-making. Firms failing in this will contend with employees increasingly ready to ‘speak out’ – externally – when speaking up internally appears unwelcome or untenable.

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Speaking Up & Speaking Out
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How Social Media Drives Accountability

by Starling Insights


Mar 03, 2023

According to research conducted by Harvard Business School professors Jonas Heese and Joseph Pacelli, social media — and Twitter in particular — plays a critical role in allowing customers, employees, and other stakeholders to hold corporations accountable.

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Psychological Safety: Creating a Fearless Organization

by Starling Insights


Oct 24, 2022

In a recent talk at the Oslo Business Forum, Harvard Business School Professor Amy Edmondson, who also serves as an Advisor to us at Starling, explored interpersonal fear at work and how to create a ‘fearless organization’ by building psychological safety.