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National Security Concerns

The sanctions regime levied against Russia, and the role of global banks in geopolitical tensions between China and the West, demonstrate that the integrity of the financial system is essential to preserving national and global security interests. We cannot afford homegrown financial crises that jeopardize order, security, or institutional legitimacy.

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National Security Concerns
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How the EU Enforces Sanctions

by Starling Insights


Apr 23, 2024

ICYMI: In response to a recent question from the European Parliament, Mairead McGuinness, European Commissioner for Financial Stability, Financial Services, and the Capital Markets Union, explained how the EU has sought to enforce the sanctions regime placed upon Russia following its invasion of Ukraine.

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An Interview with Michael Brown

by Michael Brown


Jun 07, 2023

The Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) was formed in 2015 by Secretary of Defense Ash Carter to accelerate the adoption and fielding of commercial technology by our military. In contrast to the 1960s, when the Defense Department developed most of the technology it used in warfighting — like semiconductors — today, commercial companies are developing 80% of the technologies the military needs — like AI, autonomy, cyber tools and space infrastructure (rockets and satellites).