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The Rising Risk of ‘Cultural Contamination’

by Starling Insights


Aug 08, 2023

ICYMI: The forced acquisition of scandal-ridden Credit Suisse by its rival UBS in June this year has raised concerns about "cultural contamination" as thousands of Credit Suisse employees are absorbed into the acquiring organization.

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Times of Crisis: Arguing for a Public Health Model of Compliance

by Todd Haugh


May 15, 2022

It is not always easy to see positives in times of crisis. One would be forgiven for failing to do so lately. Over the past two years we have lived through a centenary event, a global pandemic that has killed almost six million worldwide and set the global economy back some $16 trillion. As we emerge from the pandemic’s grip, the world now faces an escalating war in Europe, the likes of which we have not seen since the Second World War. ... (cont)