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The Behavioral Code: What Behavioral Science Teaches about Compliance

by Adam Fine, Benjamin Van Rooij


May 15, 2022

Our laws, including the intricate rules that govern the financial sector, are mostly made and operated by lawyers. These professionals have deep expertise in what the rules are, how they should be interpreted, and how to apply these rules to different sorts of fact patterns. However, legal training, both in academia and in practice, does little to prepare lawyers to ensure that the rules they design and operate are effective in guiding human behavior and ... (cont)

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Value in Culture

by David Rouch


May 15, 2022

With war in Ukraine rocking the business world, attending to bank culture might seem like fiddling while Rome burns. Yet a firm’s culture is essentially a form of institutional behavioural memory applied to the present. It represents the accumulated collective wisdom of those within the firm, or lack of it, about how to navigate reality successfully. The calamitous reality now pressing itself on firms therefore underscores the continued importance of sound culture ... (cont)