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'Systems Intentionality’: A New, Work-Ready Model of Corporate Responsibility

by Elise Bant


Jun 11, 2024

"Systems Intentionality" redefines corporate responsibility by assessing organizations through their conduct systems, policies, and practices. Unlike traditional models that focus on individual fault, this holistic approach evaluates corporate mental states such as intention, knowledge, recklessness, and dishonesty. This model offers a practical tool for regulatory and litigation purposes, improving assessments of corporate culpability and governance risk​​.

The 2024 Compendium is available June 11th!

Now in its 7th year, Starling's Compendium features over 40 contributors from across the industry as well as detailed analysis of the latest trends in culture & conduct risk supervision.

Times of Crisis: Arguing for a Public Health Model of Compliance

by Todd Haugh


May 15, 2022

It is not always easy to see positives in times of crisis. One would be forgiven for failing to do so lately. Over the past two years we have lived through a centenary event, a global pandemic that has killed almost six million worldwide and set the global economy back some $16 trillion. As we emerge from the pandemic’s grip, the world now faces an escalating war in Europe, the likes of which we have not seen since the Second World War. ... (cont)