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Behavioral Science

In recent years, bank regulators have looked to behavioral science to better assess conduct norms, propensities and risks among firms.

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Behavioral Science
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Moving Behavioral Science from Alchemy to Chemistry

by Starling Insights


May 20, 2024

In a recent interview with the Behavioral Scientist's Evan Nesterak, Michael Muthukrishna, an Associate Professor of Economic Psychology at the London School of Economics, expands upon the arguments made in his book, A Theory of Everyone: The New Science of Who We Are, How We Got Here, and Where We're Going.

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How Organisational Culture Can Remedy Operational and Governance Challenges

by Sally Dewar


Jun 07, 2023

When the global financial crisis took hold in 2008 leaving a reputationally and financially bereft banking sector in its wake and a flood of negative commentary, political opinion, public outrage and years of recovery ahead, the blame pointed in many directions.